Major Eugene C Lewis

This is the crypt of Eugene C Lewis. There was also a pyramid next to the Parthenon during the Expo. He died in Febuary 13, 1917 and is buried here. There is an arrow along the pathway that points to true north!

On the grave reads the following:

  • "This tablet is placed here in loving memory of our honored father Major Eugene C. Lewis Born June 21, 1845 - Died Febuary, 13, 1917 A man who posterity will know and honor by his good works He gave freely of his talents that his fellowman might enjoy more abundantly God's great gifts of nature He was a laborer in the building of a life which led to the attainment of the highest ideals - TRUTH HONOR and PURITY
    Now the laborer's task is o'er, Now the battle day is past, Now upon the farther shore, Lands the voyager at last, Father in thy gracious keeping, Leave we now thy servant sleeping"